Transformation Series: From the Green Velvet Couch Blog #1


This is the first of a three part series on how becoming healthier and making subtle changes can actually transform us into the person we have always dreamed of being.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I have always noticed that true healing and change occurs in four areas of wellness. These areas include emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health. I started using the Four Areas of Wellness to help answer the questions that clients were asking me daily. 

The questions were all the same:

How Do I Feel Better?

How Do I Change?

How Do I Heal?

How Do I Get the Life I Have Dreamed Of?

It was intriguing to me when clients waited until they “felt better” to start working on becoming healthier that they typically never improved and often  remained stagnant or “stuck.” However, when clients changed the way they thought about the issue they were struggling with and began practicing healthier habits (even though they didn’t “feel like it”) most reported a significant decrease in symptoms and overall improvement. 

So to get the life we all dream of we have to get healthy emotionally by learning to change the way we think about our struggles and regulate our emotions. A physical transformation can happen quickly with making even minor diet and exercise changes. Spiritual health is about identifying our purpose and pursuing our passions. Financial health is about having options to choose where we want to live, work, play, and receive an education.


“[t]o get the life we all dream of we have to get healthy emotionally by learning to change the way we think about our struggles and regulate our emotions.”

Getting important and accurate information to help decide how to earn, spend, and invest resources can give the financial freedom to live the life we want. True healing, change, and lasting transformation is achieved by daily, simple, and consistent healthy activities. Feel free to contact Emerald Therapy Center, LLC. to help develop your own personalized wellness plan to truly Live Your Best Life.

About the Author

Shelly Baer, LCSW, SAP

Shelly Baer is a licensed psychotherapist, substance abuse professional, and life coach. Shelly works closely with many companies and C-Level executives to help transform and strengthen workplace environments. She is an owner and Executive Director of Emerald Therapy Center, LLC. 

Shelly also has had extensive  experience as a Clinical Director working with in-patient psychiatric units, outpatient addiction clinics, and as a school based therapist. She is a member of the National Association for Addiction Counseling and an advocate for providing integrative care with primary care physicians and behavioral health services in rural areas. She is also the founder of The Emerald Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides behavioral health services to clients to those in need without resources to receive counseling.