Addiction Treatment

You are strong enough to heal. grow. change.

 “I am 102 days sober thanks to the accountability of groups and meetings and also the resources I’ve gotten from their classes. I owe them for a second chance at life and I mean that dearly! 

– J 

Whether you are a professional looking for a confidential way to start your recovery after work hours, or you’ve received a court order, we are here to provide you with the tools you need to begin or continue your recovery journey. 

IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction/Substance Abuse at Emerald Therapy Center, is a safe place to cultivate coping techniques and strategies to navigate triggers and cravings. Learning these skills is crucial for maintaining long-term recovery and preventing relapse of symptoms. Not only will you have group therapy, but you’ll also have access to evidenced based therapies, one-on-one therapy, targeted case management and medication assisted treatment.

Experience A Difference In Just 12 Weeks!

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Substance Use Disorder offers a minimum of 3 classes a week for 12 weeks. Within that time, you will learn self awareness, triggers to your use, how to manage cravings or urges to use, develop healthy boundaries and learn various interventions to use to empower your recovery.

Inpatient Rebab Isn't Your Only Option

Inpatient is a wonderful option but it’s possible that you can recover without leaving your family for a few months. This is what our substance use disorder assessment and medical evaluation helps us determine. We want you to have the best opportunity to recover from addiction and these assessments are the first step in helping us ensure you’re receiving the right treatment.

You Won't Recover Alone

You will begin with a substance use disorder assessment and if you’re a good candidate for our intensive outpatient program (IOP), you will have a mix of services and professionals at your disposal. You’ll attend group, receive accountability, individual sessions as well as a targeted case manager to help you reach your goals. After IOP, you will move to phase two: Staying Quit. A group program that meets less frequently but continues to give you the accountability and comraderie you need to continue your journey in recovery.

Find Local Support After Rehab

If you’re leaving a rehab facility, we recommend having a support system built for when you come home. Our intensive outpatient program may be a good fit for you, or our MRT Staying Quit program. We can do an assessment to see which programing may be the better fit for you as you continue your recovery journey.

What does the addiction program look like?

SUD IOP members participate in group discussions, and group activities such as visual boards or creating timelines in addition to discover behavioral patterns. We recruit various guest speakers from the community to both challenge and encourage our IOP participants. Group provides a safe and structured environment conducive to exploring sobriety and sustaining a lifestyle of recovery. You’ll learn to be more self-aware and discover what triggers your use. We help you learn tools to manage cravings and facilitate the development of health boundaries in your everyday life. 

  • We begin with a Substance Use Disorder Assessment to see if you will be a good fit for intensive outpatient or other services. When you’re ready, give us a call or fill out this form to request an appointment
  • We meet 3 days a week for 3-hour sessions. We have daytime and early evening timeslots available.
  • You’ll work with a team of professionals: targeted case manager, individual therapist and a substance use counselor 
  • You have the option of being evaluated for medication assisted treatment by our medical division. 

Because of this program, I am sober today.

– Tyler

Thank you Emerald for being there. If I’m being honest, had it not been for Emerald and all their staff  I would most likely be dead or seriously injured. That is the road I was on…Thank you.” – Emerald Therapy IOP Graduate

Thanks Emerald for helping me find my way again!


Sam Teaching a Group Course

Our Facilities

 Emerald Therapy Center is a premiere, CARF accredited, private healthcare group that provides both psychiatric/medical services along with clinical and non-clinical behavioral health services. Emerald is a licensed AODE and BHSO organization along with having the distinction of being a qualified rural health clinic. We pride ourselves in maintaining confidentiality while providing our services in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

We have facilities located in Paducah, Murray, and Mayfield KY.