Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

An appointment can be made by calling our office at 270-534-5128 or using our website you can request an appointment here.

What does the first appointment look like?

This first appointment will be pretty informal with an Emerald staff member. We’ll sit down with you for about 30 minutes, go over the reason you’re looking to begin therapy and make sure all of your paperwork is filled out and insurance information is updated. This first appointment isn’t with a therapist but just gives us the background information we need to pair you with the best therapist for your needs. Before you leave, we’ll discuss next steps and what therapy will look like moving forward.

What kind of issues may respond well to therapy?



Adoption Issues


Anger Management




Eating Disorders


Health and Wellness Classes

Relationship Issues

Marriage Counseling


How much does it cost?

We are happy to bill your insurance for each session. You are responsible for paying your insurance copay at the beginning of each session. Any amount, not covered by your insurance, will be billed to you.

Please contact your insurance company for your specific copay amount and percentage of coverage. If you do not have insurance coverage please contact our office to discuss payment options.

Call (270) 534-5128 or complete our online form here.

Emerald Therapy Center, LLC serves all patients regardless of their ability to pay. A sliding scale fee program is available based on family size and income. Please contact the billing department for application requirements.

Do you take insurance?

We currently accept most insurance companies. We accept Commercial Insurance, KY Medicaid, and Medicare, Self-pay. (Your employer may have an Employee Assistance Program with us, ask your HR department for information.) 

What is the average length of treatment?

The average length of treatment is 6-8 sessions. Some situations may only require 1-3 sessions. More chronic situations may require a longer length of treatment.

For a more Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) please contact c.sengenberger@emeraldtherapycenter.com

How do I help plan my own treatment?
The client and the therapist work together to set reasonable goals. Expression Therapy allows the client the ability to use creative art as a useful therapy tool. Treatment is comprised of 4 areas of Wellness: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial. Other services can be included as a part of your individualized treatment plan.
Is it confidential?
Yes, all information shared during therapy sessions are confidential.
What if I want to bring my child for services?
If you are bringing a child, and the parents are divorced, then both custodial and non-custodial parent must sign consent forms before the child can begin therapy.
Do you talk to my spouse or partner about my treatment?
The only way a therapist can speak to a spouse or partner is if the client has signed an Authorized Release of Information form.

Emerald has been a life saver for me.  I began seeing Emerald about a year and a half ago for management of major depression and anxiety.  They have gone out of their way to ensure I had the medication & therapy I needed. – Mel

Emerald therapy has been AMAZING to my son. They all work so well together for the patient’s greater good. – Tiffany 

I’ve been coming to Emerald since 2016. I have tried other therapy places but no place has felt more like home than Emerald. The staff is caring and they want to see you functioning at your best!

– Amanda