DUI Assessments & Classes

Steps to schedule a DUI assessment with Emerald Therapy:

  • Contact Emerald Therapy Center to regarding questions and/or to schedule an assessment. (1-270-534-5128)
  • Arrive to scheduled appointment 30 minutes early to complete paperwork. Please bring AOC, citation, and assessment fee.
  • The assessment includes an interview with the certified assessor. Upon completion of the assessment, the evaluator will determine whether education, individual/group treatment, residential treatment, or a combination of the above is appropriate. The assessor will then make all necessary referrals.

Additional information regarding our program is as follows:

  • Kentucky DUI programs mandate a minimum 20-hour education program.
  • Program consists of 8 sessions that can be completed in approximately 2 1/2 weeks.
  • To accommodate the needs of clients, classes can be scheduled around work/school.
  • PRI Prime for Life is designed to reduce problems caused by high-risk drinking or drug use, to reduce the risk for long-term health problems/short-term impairment problems, and to help people successfully protect the things they value. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience.

Additional DUI Programs:

  • Outpatient services/intensive outpatient services are offered for male and female adults and adolescents.
  • Services range from individual therapy to ongoing group sessions.
  • Times vary based on location and services.

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