Back in 2014 I accepted a head coach position in high school football thinking I could transform a struggling program. What I quickly learned was that having confidence and passion to achieve a goal was only half of what would be required to achieve the goal. Having little experience at this level, I overestimated the effect of merely injecting positive energy into these kids and I devalued having a structure for the details of WHAT we had to actually do.  In the next three years I found myself trying to build this plane while flying it. It never even left the runway.


We all possess a unique set of skills that can serve us and aid in our quest to build an extraordinary life of purpose. The difference between the few who achieve this goal and the masses who fall short is designing the plan on WHAT steps have to be taken. What attitude and perspective upgrades are needed?  What behaviors need changing?  What actions must take place?  For the minority who consciously takes control of these details, changes begin to shape a path toward a goal that becomes attainable. Our lives stop being molded by the circumstances around us, and we take charge of the design ourselves.  Snooze buttons become obsolete. Motivation is found in every subsequent step because you see the progression. Every day has meaning. Your actions serve a distinct purpose.


What do you want to achieve?  Who do you want to become?  Start with an honest evaluation of where you are currently – and then chart your detailed plan of how to reach the destination you choose.  Then just begin.


About the Author: Mickey Garrison is a retired Kentucky teacher, counselor, and coach of over 25 years. He is a Licensed Life Coach and works at Emerald Therapy Center LLC.