The Language of Addiction By Lisa Frost

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Addiction, blog, Counseling, Murray, Paducah, Programs, Therapy, Western Kentucky

In large part the way that we address addiction in our community can be the difference between whether or not an individual seeks treatment services. Individuals that struggle with addiction in may continue to use illicit substances because they are trapped in a cycle of shame and guilt. How we speak to those struggling and the language that we use can be the difference between life and death for that individual. For example a person who is labelled as a meth addict, heroin addict, or alcoholic may feel unloved and unworthy and be less likely to seek assistance. We don’t label those struggling with cancer or heart disease as heart disease or cancer. Instead we see them as a person and an individual that needs help, love, support, and treatment in order to heal and become healthy. 

Individuals struggling with addiction aren’t struggling with a moral issue. They are struggling with a disease and they need help and support to regain health, wellness, and balance in a life that has become chaotic and unmanageable. Individuals struggling with addiction and their families require assistance and support from friends, neighbors, and community members in order to gain recovery. This assistance may take the form of inpatient treatment, detox services, intensive outpatient counseling, family counseling, and community support groups. Those who struggle with addiction and their families need support and less stigma when reaching out for help and services. By being empathetic to the needs of these individuals and their families, we can make a positive change in our communities and also in our culture regarding addiction and addiction treatment services. 


About the Author: Lisa Frost is a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate that has obtained an Ed.S. In Mental Health Counseling degree from Murray State University. Ms. Frost is currently under the clinical supervision of Dr. Justin Brogan. Lisa has additional education in the areas of addiction and substance use disorders as well as trauma informed care, anger management, and domestic violence counseling practices. Lisa is currently employed with Emerald Counseling Center as an outpatient Mental Health Counselor who specializes in addiction and substance abuse counseling in addition to providing general mental health counseling. Lisa grew up near the Murray area in rural western Kentucky. She enjoys riding and rehabilitating horses and spending time with her children. 

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