At Emerald Therapy Center, we strive for the best possible working conditions for its employees. Part of this commitment is encouraging an open and frank atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestion, or question receives a timely response. Our Executive Director, Shelly Baer, has modeled and encouraged an atmosphere of workplace etiquette with grace and humility.

When I began working for Emerald, I began the grooming process and transition from state/community social service agencies to private practice. In a team driven private practice, we strive to share the best practices through change, integrity, trust, savvy, humility, and meaningful interactions. 

Developing trust and productive relationships with families, schools, organizations and our overall clientele is very important. The setting of our offices are designed to be warm, welcoming, and relaxing. You may hear the soothing sounds of zen and relaxation music or some upbeat groovy tunes. Essential oils are usually diffusing, and coffee is often times brewing. When we are in the community, we want to remember the interaction by going a little more beyond the traditional hello. We value kindness, compassion and genuine relationships. Our most appreciated connection is our commitment to provide equal opportunity to all those we employ or utilize in service delivery.  

Our mission embodies four areas of wellness (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial) to help clients function at their highest level. We promote that counseling, therapy and life coaching should be uplifting and encouraging. We want our clients to leave our facility feeling better than when they came in, regardless of the issue. Within that mission, Emerald Therapy Center prides ourselves on the ability to customize your experience, relationships and interactions to continue and maintain confidence and trust within our agency. 


About the Author: Ebone’ Ross graduated from Murray State University in December 2012 with a Masters Degree with an emphasis in Counseling. She has training in advocacy, mental health, domestic violence and substance abuse. Ebone’ has worked with a variety of ages and populations, from young children with behavioral issues to teens struggling with substance use and traumatic experiences, as well as with adults and families in crisis.  She currently serves as the Board Chair for the Paducah Red Cross chapter. In her free time, she is a motivational speaker for her business Empowering Elevation. She lives in Paducah, KY with her husband and two children.