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Transformation Series:

From The Green Velvet Couch

with Shelly Baer, LCSW, SAP

Grief 101

I have learned many truths from my own life experience and working as a psychotherapist for several years. One of these sad truths is that “if you can breathe or blink life will happen to you.” I have both lived it and walked with many others who experienced “in the blink of any eye life changes and it never looks the same.” When an unexpected death or tragic event happens there are a few ways...

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From the Green Velvet Couch

This is the first of a three part series on how becoming healthier and making subtle changes can actually transform us into the person we have always dreamed of being. As a licensed psychotherapist, I have always noticed that true healing and change occurs in four areas of wellness. These areas include emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health. I started using the Four Areas of...

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Poverty & Addiction by Lisa Frost

Addiction knows no financial balance and affects individuals of all socioeconomic classes. However, there is a strong correlation between poverty and substance use disorders. Individuals in low income and rural areas in many cases struggle to meet their basic needs...

The Language of Addiction By Lisa Frost

In large part the way that we address addiction in our community can be the difference between whether or not an individual seeks treatment services. Individuals that struggle with addiction in may continue to use illicit substances because they are trapped in a cycle...

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Series

By Leslie Faulkner, LPCA & Miranda Farthing, LPCA

Suicide Prevention & Awareness: What To Do If You Are The Parent or Friend of Someone Who is Talking About Suicide by Leslie Faulkner

Suicide Prevention & Awareness: What To Do If You Are The Parent or Friend of Someone Who is Talking About Suicide By Leslie Faulkner, LPCA So far in this series, we have discussed the risk factors and warning signs of someone who is thinking about suicide. What...

Teen Suicide: A Better Understanding & Seeking Prevention by Miranda Farthing

Teen Suicide: A Better Understanding and Seeking Prevention By Miranda Farthing, LPCA Suicide is not a simple subject to talk (or write about), there is a special difference in the weight of the subject when adding “teen”, “child”, or “adolescent” in front of the word...

Fostering Resilience By Miranda Farthing & Leslie Faulkner

Fostering Resilience: Facts About Suicide and What You Can Do By Leslie Faulkner (LPCA) and Miranda Farthing (LPCA) As of June 2018, suicide has been the 10th leading cause of death in the US, and its rate continues to increase each year. It is so important that we...

Grief & Healing

“We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief because the broken parts want to mend.”   Brene Brown   Healing requires us to live courageously and allow ourselves to fully experience the feelings of loss and grief. There are...


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