Counseling is a wonderful way to work through issues, problems, and concerns in a healthy and positive way with a licensed professional.  There are a lot of situations where counseling can benefit your overall wellness.   Counseling isn’t “one-size fits all,” and we believe that it provides the best results when adapted to suit each individual and their needs.

DUI Assessments & Classes

Welcome to the Emerald Therapy Center Blog! We hope to use this blog as a platform to highlight our services and provide additional information and inspiration that may be helpful on your journey to live your best.

One of the things that makes Emerald Therapy so unique is that we provide DUI Assessments and Classes locally.

Our Facility

Here at Emerald Therapy Center, LLC we pride ourselves in maintaining confidentiality while providing our services in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Currently we have a location in Paducah & Murray Kentucky.